Give flowers for Mother's Day in Madrid

What flowers to give on Mother's Day? What flowers to give to mom for her birthday? What Colors of roses to give to a mother?

Give flowers for Mother's Day in Madrid or any point in Spain, Malaga, Marbella, Barcelona, and we deliver to your door.

The first Sunday of May arrives and the dilemma: what should I give mom? For many people, it is not an easy question, since they want to show their affection for the one who brought them into the world. Maybe something nice, but symbolic? What evokes life, affection and nature? Don't think about it anymore, betting on the best and most beautiful flowers.

Roses for a mother are a classic example for this important date, but there are also other alternatives, such as boxes or bouquets in pastel tones. Beyond these two examples, in this article you will find the best flowers to give to mom on her big day, and the best is that you can also buy in our online flower shop.

What flowers to give on Mother's Day


Flowers are a classic for something on this date. They perfectly demonstrate how much a mother is loved, flowers with her shapes, colors and, in many cases, her pleasant fragrances. However, choosing the flowers to give on Mother's Day can raise doubts, since there is a lot to choose from. These are some keys so that you opt for the ones that best suit what you are looking for and so that you know the meaning of the colors. And, of course, if you are not close to your loved ones, at The Prestige Roses you can send flowers home on Mother's Day to your Mom. If you are wondering what flowers to give a mother, one way to clear up your doubts is to approach the wide world of bouquets. In whites, reds, roses, wild flowers, anemones, roses, astromelias... the options are immense, so you will surely find the most accurate combination for such an important date. An original choice for this date is a bouquet in pastel tones, they will transmit harmony and delicacy. And, of course, these flowers to give to mom will always remind her how important she is for you. 

Flowers to give mom for her birthday


We have already seen that a flower for Mother's Day is a great alternative. But the first Sunday of May is not the only date on which to entertain your mother. Flowers are a gift that can awaken her tenderness as soon as she sees them and another ideal date to appear with a good bouquet is her birthday.

Between candles, cakes, blowouts and the 'happy birthday', a very colorful bouquet with flowers for moms like orchids, you will find your natural place to spend an unforgettable day.

What Colors of roses to give to a mother
Roses for mothers are a classic in their day. Its soft shapes, its pleasant smell and the wide range of shades it offers will fit any celebration like a glove.

However, what color of roses to give a mother can raise questions. So that you can choose, below we will explain the meaning of the colors in the flowers and, thus, in addition to beauty, give away symbolism.

A bouquet of red roses is probably the most iconic image in the flower universe. A classic among the classics associated with passion and love, which must not only be linked to the couple or to dates such as Valentine's Day, but can also be professed to a mother.

Pink is a color linked to elegance, innocence, femininity and tenderness. Qualities totally linked to the maternal concept, so those of these shades are perfect flowers for mothers.

White means purity, tranquility and peace, so the symbology is also very relevant within the flowers of Mother's Day. Some white roses also have the virtue of being associated very well with other tones, in the event that they go in a bouquet with more varieties.

Yellow is a color of celebration and happiness, although it also suggests friendship and youth. For this reason, it also fits into a date to mark on the calendar, such as the first Sunday in May.


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