• 6 tips to preserve your bouquet of roses

    Tips and tricks for preserving a bouquet of roses to have them as much time as you deserve, we will deliver to your door in Madrid or even in Spain in 24h. Receiving a bouquet as a gift is, on the one hand, quite a detail. However, it can also pose a challenge for us: to extend its splendor to the maximum to honor the detail and be able to enjoy them. Read More here ....
  • Give flowers for Mother's Day in Madrid

    What flowers to give on Mother's Day? What flowers to give to mom for her birthday? What Colors of roses to give to a mother?

    The first Sunday of May arrives and the dilemma: what should I give mom? For many people, it is not an easy question, since they want to show their affection for the one who brought them into the world. 

  • The best flower bouquets and gifts to give a man and a father for fathersday or birthday

    Yes, behind every man there is a flower. Because, despite the fact that flowers are traditionally a gift from them, this idea has also been outlawed. A bouquet of flowers for men is an excellent idea with which to please him and show him your love or affection. Continue reading...
  • 12 Best Options for Flower Delivery in Madrid - Flower delivery review

    Seguine Flower delivery reviews,  the best 12 option flower deliveries in Madrid are the following companies, including us in this list¡¡ What a great article...