The best flower bouquets and gifts to give a man and a father for fathersday or birthday

Yes, behind every man there is a flower. Because, despite the fact that flowers are traditionally a gift from them, this idea has also been outlawed. A bouquet of flowers for men is an excellent idea with which to please him and show him your love or affection. Continue reading and get inspired by these flower bouquet ideas for men. Flowers are also a gift for men. Of course they are! A bouquet of flowers for men is a detail for that special person. Because remember: in addition to beauty, flowers bring their own symbology. For your partner, brother, partner, father, friend... flowers for men are a great gift. And if you think that a bouquet is not going to convince you, we suggest the following box of preserved natural eternity roses which last up to 3 years, and in our article you will find many flowers and many other surprises. You can choose for fathers day gift or for special ocasion like an aniversary or a birthday¡ And keep reading!



When to give flowers for men? A bouquet of flowers is also a good gift for them. These are just a few examples of special occasions where you can give them a bouquet of flowers for men.

Flowers for boys at graduation

Is your son graduating? What better occasion to give a bouquet of flowers? In this sense, gardenias -yes, the famous Machín bolero flowers- are a symbol of good luck. A great way to start that new life stage!


And if we talk about life stages, among the retirement gifts for them, a bouquet or box of flowers with chocolates could not be missing. Choose your favorites or opt for an elegant bouquet that serves to show that gratitude to your partner.



Flowers for men on his birthday

A bouquet of flowers for men for his anniversary? Of course! Although the traditional aims to be a feminine gift, flowers are also a gift for them. And even more so if you have a wide variety like the one we have at The Prestige Roses Spain, where we have all kinds of flower bouquets. And find your favorite flowers! The box of natural fresh roses with a balon, a perfect bouquet for him.



Another reason to give flowers to a man is when he is admitted to the hospital, for whatever reason. Flowers are a way to show your support for that person who may not be having the best time for him. Flowers will also bring life and color to his room. And you, have you thought about what kind of flower to give?


Next, we offer you some flower ideas to give a man: What flowers to give a man?

4 ideas with which to inspire you Discover what types of flowers are ideal to give to a man, we propose different flowers depending on his mission! And which one do you prefer?

Red roses: a symbol of love Are you looking for a Valentine's gift or a way to surprise him on your anniversary? Red roses are a classic of love. A natural beauty that everyone admires and, of course, everyone loves. Red symbolizes passionate love, pure romanticism and sensuality. So a bouquet of flowers for men with roses is key, if you want to show your love for him on that special date. So if you want to show him how much you love him, a bouquet of roses for him is a guaranteed hit. And long live love!


Blue orchids to meditate If you don't like flower bouquets, but you do like flowers; orchids are an excellent gift idea for a man. They symbolize affection, beauty and admiration. But it is that blue orchids are not only characterized by their rarity, but also by favoring the spirituality of the person, as well as the meditation process.


Colored tulips Color gives life to the spirit and, of course, to a home. For this reason, a bouquet of colored tulips is an excellent gift. Because this flower is not ostentatious, but it is beautiful. Tulips are a symbol of love and who knows? Perhaps you opt for this idea to remember that magnificent trip to Holland... The White Bag, ideal to give as a gift to friends.


White flowers, ideal for friends We love white flowers. Whatever type they are: from lilies to roses; going through jasmine, daisies, bells or cyclamen, among many other options. White is a symbol of purity and, transferred to friendship, its symbology becomes even more beautiful. If you want to surprise that special friend, a bouquet of white flowers for men is a very good idea.


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